Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Home

View from the old house in Mazotos
The heat had unexpected power over my decision to stay in the countryside. 2-2,5 hours daily spent in traffic with two screaming kids of the back proved a bit too much for my village-life commitment. At the end, let's face it. I am not a village person, never have been and most likely would never turn out to be. It was a great experience, I would miss the sheep, the stars, the quietness and the views but on so many levels it made sense to move. And fast.
Within a day I saw several places which were all ok actually, though some were unfurnished. For a continuous expat that's a bit of a problem as we like to keep options open. Finally after careful deliberation between the stunning view apartment in a new building and a penthouse with less of a view but unbelievably huge roof top terrace, we opted for the later.
So far no regrets, except the fact that the wind is sometimes so strong that the newly installed garden gazebo seems to be wanting to take off.

New downtown apartment Larnaca

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