Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Heaven, June 2 2013

Lush Beach Bar Larnaca

XS club Makenzie Beach Larnaca
Life is so tough at the moment, it's insane. First of all, it's too hot. And on top of that too humid to run. And the beach bars are too full with ripped bodies. And the nights are too long and the days to short to fit everything in...
I am kidding, of course :) And since it's kind of nice in here I feel that I am losing brain cells so I apologize in advance for my corniness. The sun does that to you. And working out in 50% humidity. It's a bit of a run and a sauna, all in one.
Picked up windsurfing somewhat. After longboard surfing in Hawaii, and Bali and weak attempts in Biarritz, windsurfing 5 min drive away from the house comes as breeze in a Cyprus June afternoon.
windsurfing store at Makenzie beach, great place to start with lessons

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