Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Flying in Oludeniz April 2013

Since I am so behind I better start somewhere, ideally addressing the backlog at least a bit. If you follow my posts you may remember my bucket list and how nearly 2 years ago I decided to get back to paragliding at least one more time, see what happens... Well what happens is that I can't get enough. Not at all:))
In Cyprus most popular paragliding site is only 1,5 h away. It's a coastal soaring site and not very predictable which means that occasionally I drive all the way there just to register that wind is way to strong or have a quick top to bottom for lack of wind. But comparing to Moscow where nearest mountain was at least 2 hours flight away, I would say it's pretty ok. And landing at the beach has it's advantages ;)
Another paragliding site in Cyprus is a landlocked soaring site called Dora. Few weeks ago I was very lucky there with the guys, having one of the best thermal flights ever. Silly me, since I had a baseball hat on, I somehow forgot to put on my helmet. And was supposed to top-land unassisted, first time in my life.... I felt like I wanted to scold myself, not that it would have helped. The landing was a bit dodgy after all, got a bit bruised. 10 min later was back in the sky and forgotten all about it. Short term memory at it's best ;)
Paragliding Dora, Cyprus
Take off Curium beach paraglding
Paragliding Oludeniz, Turkey
Anyway, flying close to home is great, but flying in Oludeniz, Turkey was a whole new chapter for me. To start with the take off is at 6500 ft, hardly ever possible else where in Europe, especially near the beach. Even if you don't do anything you have at least 40 min air time. If you try to stay up you can circle and play and play some more and .... It was fun, amazing views and also thermal occasionally. I was in heaven.

paragliding Oludeniz, Turkey
Socially, well that's another story in Oludeniz... The place is small, boring, overrun by cheap tourists and screams bad taste from every counterfeited retail corner. I met some fantastic local people, genuinely fantastic. But bottom line, it's not a fun place, at least it was not for me. Besides the first night when I ended up a bit late (though boring and complemented by an useless hungover next day), all the rest I spent in my room watching movies, hardly ideal way to finish absolutely amazing days of flying.
paragliding Oludeniz
sunset Oludeniz
Would I go there again. Probably not any time soon.

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