Saturday, February 23, 2013

Don't Grow Up, It's a Trap

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I found this photo the other day and it made me think.
Eerie thought. Is it really a trap?
Better play it safe. By not growing up, I mean ;)
Mazotos, Cyprus
Since it has been a while. First the "old news". Decided to stay in Cyprus/Moscow and Brussels is no longer an option.
Life in Cyprus has evolved. As paradise-like as it is, there are down sides of moving to a completely new country. That's why most people don't. But as I mentioned before I am not as mature as most people.
Talking about grown-up business, try this. I have pretty much successfully relocated myself and two 2,5 years old kiddies and arranged anything from a pick-up van from the airport, to buying a car, finding a home, daycare, register in various institutions etc, even had a job interview the other day. As much as hubs wants to help, he is only here 2 days a week and for the rest it's all on me. The flat tires, the eye infections, the pigeon problems, the ants invasions, the colds, the flu, etc. etc.
After this relocation I can positively say that I can move pretty much anywhere in the world, as long as it's sort of a safe place, and even that's relative.
We are now expats nearly 7 years, first in the USA, then Russia and now Cyprus. Before that I was in the Netherlands for nearly 5 years.
I am starting to understand the full account of the term Third Culture Child. Since I am on a mission to avoid growing up I mean...

Jokes aside, it's rather interesting how differently we live nowadays in the Global village. For instance how accessible travel has become. Or moving to a completely new country. It's something incomprehensible for my parent's generation. In fact they often assume that one day we will back and it will all be like before. Only there is no "like before". Even if we are back in Holland, things will be diffrent. Besides the obvious re-patriation galore that will ensue, I am and will always feel a foreigner, in Holland.  Or any other place on the planet. I have heard people call this the "expat trap". In fact it's the expat liberation. The only trap is growing up;)
And about life in Cyprus.
It's all about the green fields, the sea and the village life to me.
Mazotos on a "cold day" 15C, Cyprus
For a city-lover as I am and especially after living downtown megapolis Moscow, it's a tiny little bit of difference.
Never thought that the sight of herd of sheep on a stroll every morning can be so refreshing. I understand why they recommend sheep counting before bed. Pure meditation effect.

Mazotos, Cyprus

Mazotos, Cyprus
Besides the sheep, more positivism about Cyprus pours from the sheer fact that it's 20 C in February! In February. Once again, in February. I use sun lotion every day.
Sometimes I wonder why we don't all pack up our stuff and move ourselves and our big cities and big city lives and move to more favorable climate destinations.
You know why? Because we are adults.
And btw, please don't rush. You will scare my sheep.... Seriously.
As much as I hate that pompous commercial charade called Valentine's day, hubs and I "celebrated" outside with late lunch sipping rose, eating fresh salad and I got Sunburned. Sunburned Ladies and Gents. While it was balmy -12 C in Moscow. I really don't miss that.
Another fantastic thing lately is that my Icarus-philia got more opportunities to shine. Couple of weeks ago I flew my glider 3 times in one day from the site near Limassol. A day to remember. I am extremely lucky to have found a great flying coach and eternally grateful.
Paraglding at Currium 
Paragliding Kourion Beach
I was considering going back to the drop-zone for another skydiving experience but after 3 jumps I am still not very sure I like it all that much. I am now swimming 3 times a week, signed up in another half a marathon in two weeks time (oups, who thought that was a good idea??) and besides I need to start preparing for climbing Mt Elbrus this summer. And the kite-surfing season starts soon... 
 Otherwise I went on to catch up on cities and culture in London and Istanbul.

 London is like the Queen. Timeless.
Istanbul is ... how to put this.... exotic.
First time I went there I hate it, second time I was giving it the benefit of the doubt, and this last time I thought I better give up on trying to rationalize how I feel about it. It's a bit of a hot mess, densely populated by shouting, yelling crowds of men of all ages who do not shower daily. But it's also a hub of infectious energy, most amazing architecture, fantastic food and great hospitality. Will be back.
Blue Mosque, Istanbul
Street market, Istanbul

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
Cisterns, Istanbul