Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Paris marathon

Viva la France!
After 3 marathons in 8 months, I can modestly say that I enjoy running. In fact I enjoy running quite a bit. 3 marathons, 2 half's and several 10 K races. And you know what, marathons are tough and you can't help wonder around the 35th km, why on earth are you doing this. Because it hurts. But then you do it, you cross that finish line and you feel like a God. Barely any other 4 h and a bit activity can make you feel so exhilarated and full of sense of accomplishment.
And then you drink that wine, get that food you so badly need and everything taste absolutely Fantastic. Since in France food always tastes fantastic, imagine that and multiply by 10. One of the purest moments ever, post marathon moments of pure joy.

I did ok-ish, 4:21. It's pretty good given I had some bad luck that I won't go into details about.
Running is a sport for the disciplined. You can't just go and run a marathon, at least if you are human like me. You need to work hard to get there. But it's very achievable if you work on it and makes you feel absolutely great.
As hard as it is, once it was over I was already thinking about my next race.
And Paris, oh Paris... I am a big city lover and that's one of The cities. Simply heavenly. I will never get tired of going to Paris. Always something new to discover and always sad to leave. You simply need a bit of Paris in you and it makes things more... real.
After that I went for a short surfing trip to Biarritz. Had a blast though surfing was short and meant using pretty sore post-marathon muscles. Biarritz though is a lovely place. One day I want to retire in a place like this. Ideally where you can also fly. And have sun most of the year, good food, friendly people, not too touristic, not terribly expensive, language that I speak. Do I have demands about paradise?? Ha!

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