Monday, April 30, 2012


Last day of April. I just realized how many times I was writing a post in my head and then ditched it because of lack of time. I have been really busy at work. My project is running in full speed, I am riding the wave with flying colors and besides I ran yet, another marathon!
But ok, firs things first. Working in corporate recruiting made me obliged to expand my Linkedin profile. I naturally chose the option to link my profile to to my email. 
OMG, What a bad idea! I apparently have over 600 contacts in my hotmail, and the invite was sent to all of them. Not only that, but even regular reminders to connect. 
Think about it, 10 years ago you sent an email to change your subscription for A, joined a newsletter of B, car rental troubles with C, never intended to meet ever again D ... ever again indeed for he was stalking me, never wanted to let E know what you are doing, think that F treats others with disrespect, G once told me that I may have missed the opportunity of My life when declined his various elaborate proposals, H got wacko for no apparent reason, might have been hormonal, I used to flood me with spam or mass emails, J dated my former boyfriend right after we split up, K became pretty famous and less human, L became pretty rich in a dubious way, M doesn't have a clue what Linkedin is all about and feels bad about it, N was my RE agent that made a very awkward pass on me once in my own house, O was guy I used to work for and got fired because of some dubious transactions, P was a childhood friend that went into the showbiz, and well... maybe also into the entertainment industry, Q was childhood friend that thought I was going to marry him at 18, twice divorced now, R was a supplier for my former company that used to charge us for the air he was breathing while working for us, S told me once he hates me because I am too energetic, which probably I am, for someone that claims he can sleep 14 hours a day, I heard that T , sadly, went into drugs, U used to be married to T, V was a non-profit I used to work for that I thought was wasting grants and donation money to go to conferences around the world, W was my language teacher who is nearly 75 years old now and very confused with everything digital and probably thinks I am involved in something illegal, X was an festival I once worked for, Y is my favorite restaurant in Amsterdam, I never intended to let them know I what I do for a living Z is .....Goodness! Digital communication has it's serious challenges. Note to self: next time watch out how you achieve that "over 500 connections" threshold