Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Patagonia, and other places

What do you do on a Wednesday night when you are alone at home, hubs is away on a business trip, kids are asleep and you have very few close friends left in Moscow... You write a blog post! :)
It was -21 C today, lovely weather. In fact it was so sunny that during my regular run I was blinded by the sun trough very thick dark sunglasses. One can't complain about lack of sun at the moment. Moscow is a winter city. It's nice and beautiful in the summer, but that's not the real Moscow. The true face of the city is dead cold, sunny, threatening, white, strangely beautiful. It's in your face that this is not an easy place, it's not for just anyone. "Survival of the fittest" is the closer association that comes to mind. My immediate counter question is always "Yes, but at what price do I want to be fit?". Well, let me say that: nothing really stops me nowadays. I agreed to join a race in freaking Siberia running on a frozen lake for 2,5 h at average temperature -25 C:))
Back to the price of the fittest... Price is high. It cost a lot on travel time and travel money. Meet any expat in Moscow and one of the first things you would be talking about would be: A) how long are you still here for B) when was/is your next trip.
Last trip was Argentina and Uruguay. Buenos Aires NYE, then off to dream land Patagonia.
Some impressions of ice-trekking at Perito Moreno glacier:

... And then of to the hottest beaches in South America:

 And New York... got to love that city. Enough said :)