Thursday, January 26, 2012

Special meal, anyone?

Passenger Details
Lora Nicolai
KLM # 10000000000
Flying Blue
Gold Medallion / Elite Plus
Change Frequent Flyer #

Muslim meal 
> Request Special Services
> Provide TSA Secure Flight
> Provide US Address
> Provide Emergency Contact 

DL 30
Kosher meal 
You may or may not know that on most international flights you can order a special meal. There are a few options, including but not limited to vegetarian, asian, no-dairy, vegetarian no-dairy, gluten-free etc. One of the options is “Kosher” which I made the habit of ordering because: 1). I can 2). food is of better quality and healthier. Drawback: not sure how exactly does that add to my already terrible carbon footprint record. 
I just checked in a Delta flight to NYC. Strangely enough from JFK to Moscow I could order Kosher, but not from Moscow to JFK where Muslim seem the only special meal option. 
That raises the following questions: 
  1. Can you safely assume that one can anticipate to convert to Judaism within a week in New York?
  2. Or is it because you are a product of a mixed marriage. In that case, do you eat kosher style pork? Possibly not, unless you raised progressively and the pork is grass-fed free range.
  3. What would the Gaza Strip inhabitants think about Delta meal option choices on return flights?
Meanwhile, try the special meals before they take them off the menu as unnecessary logistically-challenging luxury. It’s under “Request special services” and so far I had with Delta, KLM, Air France and Aeroflot, approved, with all due respect, by the appropriate rabbi.

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