Friday, December 30, 2011

Morning entertainment

Moscow Sheremetyevo, 7 am flight
KLM flight attendant: "Sir, what would you like to drink?"
Unidentified passenger with a strong Russian accent: "Bierje" (Beer)
KLM flight attendant, sighting: "And you, Sir?"
"And you, Sir?"
"Uhmm.. Do you have any beer?
You get the picture.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I had a fantastic week in Spain. I know I am going again, not sure when but hopefully soon. It absolutely rocks to be able to fly. I am pretty slow learner, but they joy I withdraw makes it worth so much. Bruises here and there, couldn't care less. Feeling closer to God or whatever is up there, that is something I'd pay any price for.
This time I flew few times from about 2000 feet. That was so amazing. So much more fun that those baby slopes we did in the first week. If you would ask was I scared: I was terrified:) But it was absolutely amazing. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I was reminded again the fact that I can't really say Good bye, ever. I hate to lose people. When someone is in my life I don't want them to ever leave. I guess that's one more reason to be in good terms with former boyfriends. In any case, in the life I chose saying good bye is a big part of the deal. You have to say Good bye over and over again. I feel my heart twitching each time, purely physical reaction. And it hurts.
Sometimes I imagine Moscow as one big Train station. Everyone comes to wait for their train that brings them to the next stop, whether Canada or Hong Kong or any other place, away. And while we are at the train station together, like strangers do sometimes, we connect. But the train is already waiting at the platform. You say your good byes, you will visit. But it will never be the same. You can never recreate that train station atmosphere. Because waiting is tough and you bond so well. It's not a friend you met when you were a child and you grew up together, it's a friend you met when you needed them.