Monday, September 19, 2011

Enough about the serious stuff. Let me just share a joke. I was upgraded to a business class on a recent flight from Chicago to Moscow via Rome (Thank you very much Flying Blue). I am so going to miss my Golden membership with Sky Team big time when I lose it next year.
You know how they give you a small back with bare necessities for on the plane. I got one from Alitalia and one from Aeroflot for that same trip. Here is how they looked:

According to the Italians here is what you need for the flight:
  1. designer toiletries bag with 
  2. facial moisturizer
  3. facial wash gel
  4. body lotion 
  5. lip balm
  6. men parfume 
  7. women perfume
  8. tooth paste and brush
  9. shaving kit
  10. shut eye mask
  11. ear plugs 

According to the Russian what you really need a 4 things
  1. a pair of giant bright blue sleepers
  2. ear plugs 
  3. eye shut mask 
  4. shoehorn
  5. pen and paper 

  1. Traveling, hens life, is far simpler if you are Russian
  2. You need no skin care, if you are Russian. If you do, you must be a sissy. Or Italian. 
  3. All nations agree that ear plugs and eye shutters are essential survival tool on long flights. Nothing worse than having to see, and Hear your neighbors for 10 hours. 
  4. Style is an Italian domain. Shoe fetishism is Russian 
  5. If you find your muse and want to write a poem while crossing the Alps, you shall be fully covered if you are Russian. That explains the amount of quality literature that has been produced. Wait, most of it was actually before the airplane times... Nevermind. 
  6. Dental hygiene is optional in Russia. 
Note to self: Book an Alitalia flight whenever possible. Who wants to sit next to a man, or a woman, that wears giant royal-blue house sleepers??

    Wednesday, September 7, 2011

    Someone told me that all great disasters come in three. I really hope so, because I can't handle any more. First, I got a major set back in Moscow, that I don't want to talk about. Then, my dad died. And I am only in writing terms with my mom right at this moment.
    Though I couldn't change anything about the first two events and feeling powerless about it, I failed in avoiding the third one, even though I clearly saw it coming. My mom and I were way to hurt to be able to handle each other... Luckily, we resumed communication shortly after and I am positive we will be good again soon.
    For a few days, upon returning to Moscow from the funeral I was in a dark place. I was still social, the girls still made me smile, I kept on running, but I kept on having this nagging question wonder in my mind: "What is the point of it all?". And nothing seem to matter as much as it mattered before.
    I went for a run by myself one day, then took a really cold shower and realized that I have to do something about it, right away, before I get even deeper down, where I've not been before and don't want to. So, with support of unbelievably understanding husband, bless him, I escaped for a bit.
    I wasn't sure where to go. I wanted it quiet, safe and beautiful. So I went to Norway.
    It served it's purpose and more. I feel much better now. Inspired again. Most memorable moments: running-walking uphill in Bergen, the feel and view from around the old fire station, dinner in a very fine restaurant, feeling my father's spirit under the shadow of the trees while the sun was rising, smiling again without feeling guilty.

    and now on the road again...