Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am overflowing with memories now at the Black sea, in the city of Balchik and with my parents. Just had a big Bulgarian lunch, which includes delicious salads, fish and wines. Everything organic. Pretty much all food in Bulgaria is "real" food, local, sun-grown, tasty, free of chemicals, I love that! But more so, I love those times when I talk to my parents for hours, for life, books, us, them, the future. My parents are amazing. My dad is one of the smartest men I know. There is barely a subject that he has no, at least remote, knowledge of. If something bad happens to me I know I can always call and he will be there, with the right attitude and advise and he would do whatever I need to help.
I love and admire my mom greatly. At 50 or so she picked up hiking and now she has climbed pretty much any mountain in the region. She is good in everything, has gigantic energy, even when she fights me ;), and is full of love. My mom is also like a second mom of my kids and without her I won't be able to afford the life I have, or my sanity.
I made it a rule no to talk here about my kids too much, as I talk and think about them a lot every day. But, well, just as a note: I missed them and is great to have them back. The strawberries are now nearly 16 months and the progress they made with how they interact with other people is amazing. Of course it takes a bit of time getting used to taking care of them. Yesterday we had 8 hours alone and after that hubby and I passed out for a nap in the afternoon, something we normally never do. They are sweet like strawberries indeed, but squeeze you like a juicer. Yet, love them like crazy. I think they are the most amazing kids in the world. So clich√© :) 
It feels strange being in Bulgaria again. Hubby is pressing me to buy a house here, by the sea, for ages. It does make sense but not for me. For him it's cool, exotic and different. He is, just like me, fan of the climate, the nature and the food. But I don't feel the exoticness factor. For me it's all too familiar. Nice, a bit boring, a place I left. So I am not looking into houses. Also I am not sure I want to buy a house anywhere right now. The Lora's global travel quest is far from over. I want to do it all: I want to go places, try new things, new sports, climb mountains, learn languages. A house ties you down, plus we already have one, in the Netherlands. That makes me think of my bucket list...
People tease me about the fact that I often talk about my bucket list, an especially that I have one, to start with. I know it's a bit crazy, hopefully I have many more years to live. But it's there as a notion just to keep me dreaming, not because I would stop otherwise, but to prevents me of finding excuses of acting towards my dreams. For my bucket list special, see next post...

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