Monday, May 16, 2011

I can positively say that since the weather changed in Moscow I am like a teen on steroids. Life is fun, busy and full and there is some truth in the change of my chemical balance. I picked up running again and this time there is no saying good bye. I am addicted! It happened so sudden that I did not expect it at all, but now I am hooked and it looks like it's going to be for a long long time. Last Saturday I ran half a marathon! Mind you, two months ago 6K was too much and now 6K is like a warm up. I am addicted to the feeling that running gives me but it certainly helps that that feeling is shared with the other running ladies. When you run and talk, time flies and before you know you are done and left with that amazing feeling of accomplishment. So now, in my typical manner, I am planning races, and places to go and when is the next half marathon, and when should I train for a full marathon and which one should I run and so on and so on.  
I am also doing some fitness training and love the way my belly looks after the P90X AbripperX
Besides running I discovered shopping in Moscow and now feel pretty well stocked with some awesome local designer cloths. I became a huge fan of Kira Plastinina and Oggi who brought joy back into shopping for me, largely thanks to a good friend of mine who is much more informed. Oggi was my own discovery actually, years back when I visited St. Pete with hubby, but I had no idea who Kira Plastinina is and that shopping in Russia can actually be fun. 
Another new thing in the last weeks is using public transport, namely the metro. This is a mixed blessing. 
It is only fun if you think about it as a social experiment. You, the foreign you, is among all the local people who do that every day. It's kind of cool. But once that excitement passes, after using the metro a few times, then is not fun anymore. First of all, it stinks down there. It stinks of old trains, bad hygiene, and sweat. Secondly, people touch you! And I don't mean your nice, good-looking, young and happy friends. I mean some aggressive, nasty, old, smelly, people that you don't want to touch you at all. I know this is part of society and you should be part of it, and stop moaning and btw who do you think you are. But. This is no fun. And let's face it, if you don't want or like something, you should just avoid doing it, because life is to short to spend it in unpleasantries. 
The other encounter I had, are the so-called "gypsy"taxis. Oh man, are they fun or what. Crappy cars, crappy drivers, they make you unlock the safety belt because it's an insult for their driving skills! I am not kidding! But they are cheap and always available. And there is no alternative, as regular taxies make you wait for a good one hour. 
OK, posting this but going to continue later after watching the sunset from the terrace, yeah!

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