Saturday, March 5, 2011

20 minutes to boarding.

I am sitting at the kitschy Classic lounge at the Sheremetyevo airport. It's nearly midnight, we just sat in a 3 hours traffic jam to come here only to find out that the Aeroflot flight had a 4 hour delay. Horrible-slight -improvement-over hospital-food dinner ensued. Check in - we are the only non-Russians. Leopard print jackets, yellow-blond locks and queue-jumping. 10 more hours to go, then we end up in Patong.
We have nearly nothing planned. Just a return flight. No internal flights, barely anything read, no-tips, except a candle-light dinner somewhere in bangkok, which might or might not happen. Might, I do have the dress for it!
I was asking myself what does Thailand means to me. The Typhoon restaurants in Portland, a canceled trip due to a civil war a few years back, green curry hubby's recipe from the time he was still allowed in the kitchen, a book I once read about human-trafficking, thai-box I once tried, that's it. Thailand is greatly unknown to me, like a new planet that waits to be discovered. I know to much labels and stereotypes and nothing real.
so I better go, and find out, what does really Thailand (will) mean for me.
boarding starts now...

After coming back I looked for a photo that represents Thailand to me. It was hard, because there is so much that I loved in this country. Finally I found one. I think the biggest thing for me was the sense of spirituality as part of everyday life and the balanced co-existance of old and new. 
On this photo: Monks crossing the busy street opposite of the Grand Palace in Bangkok 

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