Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two days ago I put a note in my "to do" list to post an update because I thought it has been a while. I did not know what to write about first, so I didn't write anything. I hate when people say that, because it's true for everyone, and it just doesn't add any value but... well, life is kind of busy. Besides the girls, schools and social life, I have a whole multy-level travel and visitors agenda to manage. Until the end of the summer we have in pretty much that order: trip to Cyprus with the kids; my parents visiting; a friend visiting from Portland; trip to Athens; trip to a crazy/remote location in Russia or adjacent countries where we can't go easily without kids, since my parents will babysit; trip to the Netherlands, trip to Kazan for hubby, relatives visiting from the Netherlands; parents visiting from the Netherlands; trip to France for me, friends visiting from the Netherlands, my mom visiting or we visit them in Bulgaria in August, possible trip with the Trans Siberian. And I am talking about the upcoming 4 months only. And having in mind everyone that comes to visit us needs visas and I am booking my parents trips... When people ask me what I do, I should just say that I am in the hospitality industry. I am complaining, but not really. In fact I like it. It's fun, just a lot of work. But, as someone I know once said: "I can do difficult, I can't do boring."

Saturday, March 5, 2011

20 minutes to boarding.

I am sitting at the kitschy Classic lounge at the Sheremetyevo airport. It's nearly midnight, we just sat in a 3 hours traffic jam to come here only to find out that the Aeroflot flight had a 4 hour delay. Horrible-slight -improvement-over hospital-food dinner ensued. Check in - we are the only non-Russians. Leopard print jackets, yellow-blond locks and queue-jumping. 10 more hours to go, then we end up in Patong.
We have nearly nothing planned. Just a return flight. No internal flights, barely anything read, no-tips, except a candle-light dinner somewhere in bangkok, which might or might not happen. Might, I do have the dress for it!
I was asking myself what does Thailand means to me. The Typhoon restaurants in Portland, a canceled trip due to a civil war a few years back, green curry hubby's recipe from the time he was still allowed in the kitchen, a book I once read about human-trafficking, thai-box I once tried, that's it. Thailand is greatly unknown to me, like a new planet that waits to be discovered. I know to much labels and stereotypes and nothing real.
so I better go, and find out, what does really Thailand (will) mean for me.
boarding starts now...

After coming back I looked for a photo that represents Thailand to me. It was hard, because there is so much that I loved in this country. Finally I found one. I think the biggest thing for me was the sense of spirituality as part of everyday life and the balanced co-existance of old and new. 
On this photo: Monks crossing the busy street opposite of the Grand Palace in Bangkok